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November is here, (well more like it’s been here lol)! Who would have thought?! Time has definitely flown this year and there are only 6 weeks left until 2016!! In the mean time let’s try to enjoy the next few weeks of 2015, after all my #1 Favorite Holiday is around the corner: Thanksgiving!! Yes, it’s my favorite holiday of the year just because of all of the delicious food all day long and the leftovers… omg delish!
So let’s get started! I’ve gathered some really cool DIY ideas for your thanksgiving table, and some awesome recipes too…


I’m a lover of ALL food, especially food that makes me feel good and is good for me. This year I’ve been exploring the Paleo Diet, and have come to absolutely LOVE it! It’s done amazing things for my health and the best thing is that all the recipes I’ve tried are DELICIOUS…so in the Paleo Spirit I’ve gathered some great recipes that will absolutely make your Thanksgiving healthy without sacrificing any of the tastiness.


Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey with Sage Butter – Can you say “Let’s Gobble it up!”? I sure can lol. This Turkey caught my eye not only because the way “I breathe I’m Hungry” photographed it but because I love the taste that herbs give meals, and this I’m sure won’t be an exception…I’m ready for a super moist Turkey !  







Chorizo Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon – Everything is better with bacon, and if you have ever tried Dates wrapped in Bacon, you know that the Salty-Sweet combo is to die for, so stuffing the Dates with Chorizo… Heck yeah, sign me up! I want some of that. Check out this awesome recipe by “Paleo Table”.

Chorizo Stuffed Dates










Autumn Salad with Orange Vinagrette and Candied Walnuts – I love a good balanced salad, forget your typical Caesar Salad, this guy kicks it’s butt! Apples and Persimmons over a bed of greens sprinkled with tart Pomegranate Seeds and sweet Candied Walnuts, then drizzled with a light vinaigrette…is just salad made in heaven. Had me at Persimmons, “Savory Lotus” knows what they’re doing.

Apple Salad









Apple Cranberry Holiday Stuffing – Stay with me guys, I know stuffing is probably the most delicious part of Thanksgiving, and just because this particular stuffing is not made with bread does not mean it’s not going to knock your socks off! Trust me you will love this and keep making it each year! “Autoimmune Paleo” has got this!











Naturally Sweetened Cranberry Sauce – “Stop right there! And step away from the can!” Yes, please step away from the can, nothing good can ever come from a processed product loaded with Sugar. Instead try this recipe from “Primally Inspired” take 15 min and make a REAL Cranberry Sauce that’s sweetened naturally with Maple Syrup. You’ll thank me later…so “You’re Welcome” 🙂cranberry sauce









Sweet Potato Casserole – This is a great spin on the traditional Sweet Potato Pie or Casserole, it has all natural ingredients, and even though it doesn’t have a the marshmallow on top the crunchy walnuts compliment the dish beautifully! Enjoy this dish from “Cupacakes Omg”.

sweet potato casserole










Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups – I told you Paleo was awesome, didn’t I? I mean come on cheesecake cups?! Ohh and they’re grain free and dairy free!! Once again, “Primally Inspired” kicks it out of the park!pumpkincups-e1353188637910












Paleo Pumpkin Pie – Here is another great example of how some people have become creative with their Paleo recipes. This one is also from “Primally Inspired” and it’s Pumpkin Pie, that will not disappoint.














I for one love to see the dinner table all done up and ready to receive those delicious plates of food on the holiday. So today I bring you some really creative ideas on how to make your presentation this Thanksgiving all that more special! Guests will be taking pics of your décor the minute they see it!

The Thankful Tree – I though this was a pretty great idea, a lot of people (including my family) has lost the tradition of saying what they are most thankful for each year and this tree is a really unique way to bring the “Thanks” back to Thanksgiving. Plus it makes a beautiful center piece for your table! Double Win!

Thankful tree












Rosemary Wreath Place Cards – Give your table a bit of a whimsy touch. Get rid of those old place card holders and forget about paper place cards. Instead make these beautiful fresh Rosemary Wreaths! They are stunning and smell really good!








Fall Centerpiece – “From Shanty to Chic” teaches us how to make a gorgeous center piece out of some wood, glue and some gourds. Try this simple DIY center piece that won’t only look lovely in the fall but year round with a few changes in what you put inside the box!













Thanksgiving Leftover Station – I left the best for last!!How many times have you taken a bunch of food left over from dinner only to get home to find out you missed something?! Man, I hate when that happens, and that’s why the Thanksgiving Leftover Station is GENIUS!! Take a look and see for your self…this is awesome not just for Thanksgiving but for any Holiday, I for one want to make sure I get everything accounted for before I go home lol!

leftover station












That’s it for now guys!! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and you eat to your heart’s content! I’d love to take a look at what Thanksgiving Ideas you came up with whether it’s something delicious or something beautiful for your home! Show me by using #ImuGifts


Till Next time xoxo Maria 🙂

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