Spooky DIY Happy Halloween!!

It’s fall time, the leaves are turning, the air is crip…and right around the corner is one of the best excuses to have some extra fun with DIY projects, recipes and nifty crafts.

I’ve searched the Web to bring you some of the best DIY ideas to make your Halloween extra fun and extra spooky!

For the Kiddies 🙂

We all have little ones in our lives, whether they’re nieces or nephews, little brothers and sisters , or even your very own little monster… It’s all about the goodies right?? Check out some really clever ways to make your trick or treater’s day more spook-tastic!




For the Big Kids!
We are all kids at heart and though some of us might be watching our gluten and sugar intake, or not… we still want some treats on Halloween! Here are some great ideas to try out whether your throwing a party or just for the hell of it!




For the Home Décor Addict!
Who wants to be the lamest house on the block on Halloween night? I know YOU don’t so here are some cool Halloween decorations for your home!





Hope these DIY ideas help your creative juices going and make your Halloween a bit more fun!

Bye for now and catch’ya next month, for Turkey Day!!

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