Orange Peel Roses

Orange Peel Roses

What I can I say that hasn’t already been said about the Orange? Yes, you read right. The Orange.  While you might think that this tasty fruit is just a fruit full of vitamin C, here at ImuGifts it’s the star of the show.

You might have noticed that we have a line of orange peel jewelry, and maybe wondered if they were made with real orange peels. Well stop wondering. They are made with REAL orange peels!! That’s right; they are natural orange peels handcrafted and sundried to perfection.  “How is that possible?” you ask, well this is possible through a long tedious process only suitable for the most patient of crafter.  It involves the manipulation of the peel into the desired shape and then leaving them to sundry for days.

I came across orange peel roses a long, long time ago. I must have been thirteen or fourteen years old, while on a summer trip to Colombia.  My dad took my sister and me to what I think is the largest artisanal expo in Bogota in Corferias.  There were so many beautiful crafts, from jewelry to hand sculpted vases. To me an unforgettable experience. It was there where we spotted the most beautiful yet simple craft, a bouquet of orange peel flowers, it was full of fresh orange fragrance and it was delicate as it was rustic. My Dad bought us a bouquet as a souvenir for my Mom. It's been a favorite in our family and till this day she displays them in her living room.

You are probably expecting me to go through the steps on how these beauties are made, but to be 100% honest, I don’t make the flowers myself; I’m a bit too impatient to own this art. Instead I source the roses from Colombia. I pick up a couple of bags at one of the Artisan Markets whenever I visit my family.

Well, now you’re in the know! Whenever you see a new piece of orange peel jewelry displayed, you’ll know that it is made with real orange peel roses handcrafted by an Artisan in Colombia. When you gift a piece of Orange Peel Jewelry, not only are you giving a gift made with natural imported beads, but you are giving a gift that is truly unique.







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