Women’s Expo

Hello and welcome back!


If you follow me on social media you’ve probably noticed there was quite a lot of buzz about the Long Island Women’s Expo. If you don’t follow me on social media, what are you waiting for?!


Today we are talking all things Women’s Expo. I know I’m a little late for promoting the event, but you know what? It’s such a great event that I want EVERYONE to know about it! So here is my review…


What is this event? It is one of the largest events on Long Island that focuses on showcasing Women Entrepreneurs. We are talking artisans,designers, makers of everything from fine jewelry, pottery, culturally diverse crafts, specialty food and much more.


The Expo features 80 exhibitors handpicked by the executive committee to curate only the best of what Long Island has to offer and again not just Long Island, but rather Long Island Women.


As a vendor I was given the royal treatment, I’m not even kidding. The Middle Country Library was equipped with both employees and volunteers to help both unloading your vehicle and routing your items (on handy carts) to your assigned spot. They also put out a lovely spread of breakfast goods for us to snack on and boost networking with other vendors (because everyone loves a good bagel and schmear) As the day goes by there is always someone checking on you to see if you need a break.  


All of these things might seem like the norm, but let me tell you it’s not, AT ALL. This was a truly unique experience to other events I’ve participated in.  They take a lot of time and energy in making sure that all of the vendors are set up, comfortable and happy!  


Why does this matter to you the Shopper?


It matters because a well organized event makes all the difference in your shopping experience. Vendors are enjoying the event are comfortable and happy to be there in turn being more receptive your wants. You as the shopper also get to walk through an event that is organized and thorough.  

Think about it when you go to the mall, Macy’s is at one end, Sears is at another and stores that compliment each other is some way shape or form are close to each other but at the same time are well distributed throughout. This way you don’t get bored seeing the same thing in one spot and it gives vendors and equal opportunity to shine. It also promotes exploring, walking around to see what else is out there and hey if you don’t explore you won’t find the amazing custom design bag lady that you didn’t even know you needed to find!


All in all it’s a wonderful event, between having awesome vendors participating and really cool giveaways. The Long Island Women’s Expo is definitely an event worth checking out, it’s free to attend and you’ll get to meet and greet makers from all over the island. Supporting your community and local small businesses has never been so easy and so enjoyable.


I will keep you guys posted on next years expo!

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