This month I’m steering away from the usual DIY post.  Instead I’m going to share with some really great insight to some of what’s fueling my inspiration as I work on designing my new Bridal Collection. One day I was pondering about my new bridal line and what direction I wanted to take it. I did (and continue) to do some extensive research on bridal fashion, from the dress to the shoes… what are brides doing and what is setting some of them apart?

Well I came to the conclusion that in many cases when you search “Bridal Jewelry” what comes up are beautiful diamond or pearl necklaces, that are just straight out of the red carpet! And although they are beautiful pieces I don’t seem to fall in love with them. There’s something about all that Glam that kind of turns me off, in most part because I’ve never pictured myself as someone who would be a Traditional Bride.  And quite frankly if you’ve ever met me I’m very low key…and although I (as many other women) want to stand out on my wedding day, I think I would take a different approach.  So here is where I took to a different search and opened up a world of bridal fashion that I could get on board with! This was it, I was finally feeling inspired and all my creative juices started flowing.

So without further ado… here are some of the most inspiring articles that really got me going.  Hope you enjoy! And hey perhaps you can get inspired too for your big day. If you have have a friend who’s looking for some “I do” fashion, share this with them too! And don’t forget…ImuGifts will be coming out with a Bridal Collection very soon! So stay tuned!

Buzz Feed‘s compilation of “Modern Wedding Dress Ideas” is to die for! Love the photos and all of the beautiful alternatives for brides out there.

This article from Off Beat Brides is pretty dead on! Ladies and Gents, wear what you want and how you want on your wedding day and every day…Btw this whole site is pretty awesome, chock full of ideas and inspiration.

flats for brides

Who says you have to wear heals on your special day?? No one that’s who! This compilation from WeddingPartyApp, was a great, I love my flats 🙂


Love these Boho Style dresses, super romantic and loads of imagery that really helped me envision some designs. One Fab Day, did their homework.

15 Floral Wedding Dresses | Alternative Wedding Dresses | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 14

GORGEOUS is the one word that came to mind when studying this list. I think Bridal Musings is my new go to site for my bridal fix.

Vibrant Green Tory Burch Gown | Noa Griffel Photography | See More!

Hey Wedding Lady put out this wonderful collection of alternative options that really took my breath away, the colors, the patterns, the fabric! wow.

Pin Alternative Engagement Rings Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Once again Bridal Musings gets me all sparkly-eyed! I absolutely love that finally other gems are now “acceptable” for engagement rings…I’m not a diamond girl myself.


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