ImuGifts June Recap!

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome back to the ImuGifts Blog! I’m so sorry to leave you guys hanging for such a long time, I know it’s been months since I last checked in with you and for that I apologize.

It’s been a crazy few months here, to recap we’ve had a successful Spring and Bridal Collection launch. We got great feedback on the new jewelry pieces and have received a few offers to be carried at some local stores, which I’m very excited about! I’ll have more updates on that in a later date (Fingers crossed).

Our LIC Flea events started off a bit slow, with a few curve balls.. lets just say that I won’t be doing an outdoor April  fair next year, the weather is just too unpredictable, we literally froze our butts off! In later dates business picked up and it’s been a total success! We’ve been getting great response out at the LIC Flea, def don’t want to miss any upcoming events out there… the season is soon coming to a close, so don’t miss it!

We’ve also had other successful events on Long Island including Hope for Javier, which was at a Farmer’s Market in Setauket for a great cause. We had a lot of fun and got to meet lots of other wonderful vendors; Including one awesome Kombucha brewer that blew us away with his Ginger-Pineapple concoction.  I’m actually working toward the possibility of going back to the farmer’s market in Setauket and maybe even do a night market!  So keep a look out for those events!

In other news Michael and I tied the knot!!! Yes, we got married June 12th at our Grandma’s Nursing Home…and I’ve got to say it was everything and more. A small wedding with just our immediate family was def the way to go for us, and we couldn’t be happier!  If you follow me on Social Media you’ve seen some photos and maybe a couple of videos by now.. but if you don’t follow me make sure to start doing so! At least to sneak a peek of my wedding pics lol.

I think that does it for my little recap… there is definitely more stuff in the works and we are adding new things to our shop every so often so keep a look out on our Instagram or Twitter for updates on new stuff.

As always thank you for joining us on our journey !

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