Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Friend!!!

It’s 2017! Can you believe it??  2016 was quite the year in more ways than one.

This past year has been a turning point in my personal life as well as my entrepreneurial life. Imugifts has had it’s best year yet! Yes, it’s a lot to say specially when we’ve only been in business for a couple of years (and I might have said that last year) but it really was a great year.

Spring was a tough season starting with our first show at the LIC Flea…talk about disaster. We were so prepared for this event and so excited, but it just so happened to be early spring and one of the coldest days, it was freezing. We had a brand new tent and were dressed to impress but of course just our luck, it turned out to be super windy and it there was freezing rain that felt like it was coming down side ways. One thing lead to another and our shiny new tent blew over… some onlookers helped me out and helped me anchor the tent while Mike went out to get some reinforcements. Good news; only a couple of rips on our tent! it got better after this…

Summer was the most wonderful this year, I got married to my one and only! Yay! It was a wonderful and beautiful day. I think it was good luck we had really great sales at the local Long Island Farmer’s Markets. This year we are planning to take the island by storm and set up shop once again.

Fall came and went very quickly and with it came our new home purchase. Which in turn gave me a new room to set up my craft room AKA, ImuGifts Headquarters. It’s been amazing, I’ve become a lot more productive and creative! Our first Thanksgiving in our new home was a hit and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. With Fall also came the end of our trusty dusty tent, one wind gust and poof! it blew over into a million pieces! Maybe not a million, but certainly a lot of pieces. Good News: we are purchasing a custom tent with weights!

With 2016 coming to an end, we couldn’t close the year without exploring Holiday Markets. The Holiday Season greeted us with a lot of warmth and gave us the opportunity to meet more extraordinary people and participate in the most festive Market I’ve ever seen! It was chilly but beautiful and fun!  I have to give special thanks to Melanie and Spirit’s Promise Horse Rescue for the lovely experience. They will both be seeing a lot of me this year!

All in all, 2016 was a great year full of new people and experiences, it is with a full heart and a positive outlook that I bring in the new year. 2017 here I come!!


Bye 2016!!

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