Favors for everyone!!!

I’m back in action!! Finally…. seems like forever since I wrote a blog….I guess it really has been forever.

Anywho…I’ve been busy at work, and I’m happy to say I have met my goal and the challenge is over!! I completed my first “The Hundred” order!! Didn’t think it was going to be possible meeting my deadline but I did it!

“The Hundred” is our new Party Favor package… 100 Soaps for any event! Michael thought of the name, something that I totally overlooked lol… but then again he is by far better with words that I am. It’s why I’m the crafter.

My cousin Roger in Colombia is getting married mid July, and so I offered to do their wedding favors. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to make for them at all…. he basically said, “whatever is in your heart to make will be wonderful”…So how could I really make this a really special gift for the bride and groom… and well ultimately their guests.

I had many ideas, from making some tiny picture frames, to sewing little gift bags countless prototypes later and then finally SOAP!!! Of course, how did I not make that my initial thought?? I then said ok, soap….what kind of soap? What type of soap would be truly unique and would be beautiful to eye and nose? Coffee!! YES….duh we are Colombian and where does the best Coffee come from?? Colombia! So naturally I take to the internet in search of possibilities and inspiration. Again, many prototypes later… and BAM the perfect Coffee to Soap ratio was concocted!

Now the packaging… how do I make it beautiful and earthy looking… I tried making some burlap roses, but they were too bulky I tried some other ribbon and it just looked weird, then some bakers twine in a tan color, and it looked kind of cute but too blahh… One lunch break from work I went to Michael’s and found the most precious burlap daisy flowers. LOVED them instantly and so I combined it with some rope like burlap string thing… and Voila… well not quite, still missing something a bit of bridal bliss if you will. So I took some pearlized polymer clay and tried making different types of buttons, but nothing was right. Then Bingo! Not quite a button more like a seal like the kind you would put on a envelope. I made it with a little whimsical stamp I had for Soap Stamping, and it came out lovely… just the right touch. It added a bit of softness to the package.

The hard part started and for a couple of weeks I started churning out soap like no other! Since I don’t really sell in large quantities yet, I only have a few molds that were ideal for the project. And so it started 100 soaps in a week. My deadline was July 12th, yes early, however I had to consider shipping and how long it would take… so the earlier the better.  With some helping hands I was able to make and package these babies and on July 12th at 8am I finished!! Box sealed and ready for shipment.

It feels super amazing to have finished and created such a lovely project. I really hope my cousin and his bride to be looooove them, and hopefully if they read this they can get a little glimpse into what went into making these puppies.


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