An Entrepreneurial Adventure in the Handmade World

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This will be an inside look at my new adventure as an Entrepreneur Crafter. It’s been almost a year since I decided to take on this mammoth of a project, and I can honestly say that it has come and gone with a blink of an eye.

I can’t say that I have always pictured myself trying to make a living off of making “Stuff”, nor did I ever dream of being a Master Crafter. I definitely never expected to think of a career outside of Hotel Management. Everyone who has taken a part in my life has known that since the age of 15 I’ve been in love with the Hotel Industry. So How did I end up here?

I grew up a typical little girl, with dreams of doing something big, a Ballerina or an Astronaut perhaps? My dream career changed almost daily, but only a couple of things remained a constant as the years rolled by; my love of creating and cooking. I loved the section in the library with the children’s cookbooks and I loved the crafts section even more. My mom indulged my creativity by buying me all of the art supplies that I would ask for. She even took me to buy fabric during my seamstress phase; I loved making Barbie new outfits even though they were just poorly constructed “dresses” made out of basic shapes. One of my most memorable projects ever as a child was the Giraffe Mail Box, this was a very nifty and decorative mail box made out of a Trix Cereal box ( I got the idea from a Highlights for Kids Mag). I remember taking all the time in the world in making it perfect for my mom so she could put all her bills in there….and so she did 🙂

During all of my school career my favorite subject was Art Class, and it actually became a safe haven for me. The only class that I didn’t feel like I had to try my very hardest to earn that “A”, I just had to be my self and make something that would represent me. Later in the years when I reached my teens, my focus took on an unexpected turn that was product of a new chapter of my life, my Dad had taken on a new job as a Hotel Manager in a far away city in Colombia, called Barrancabermeja. I fell in love with the idea of making a difference in someone’s day by simply being helpful and nice, and so I chose Hotel Management as my “Dream” Career. I helped out at the hotel every summer and soon became an expert in Guest Service, making all my jobs since then Hotel/Travel related. I graduated College with an Associates in Hotel and Resort Management and continued a successful career in the field. Fast forward ten years later….I’ve had enough of this 24/7 always on the run lifestyle that I had created for my self. During the years working in a hotel setting the only really enjoyable thing I took away was putting together guest Welcome Baskets and coming up with a thoughtful way to show our appreciation for the guest. I was the go to for anything gift related, which sparked a life changing question….Was I meant to create???

I once read that the Universe has a plan for everyone and that I just had to follow the signs that life gives me. I finally saw that sign. In December 2013 I was laid off of a job that I hated, and I decided to do something in my spare time while I looked for another job. I took to making baskets and after making my second basket a baby gift for my boyfriends friend, I realized that it was way expensive to make the basket out of all products I had to buy retail. I didn’t feel accomplished, I needed more. I came up with a brilliant idea..Why not make my own Soaps and Bath Products?!?! Holy Cow was that exciting! I went to the library and took out every book on the subject and really loved the Melt and Pour technique to soap making and took on this new medium. ImuGifts was born!  This then evolved to making my own pouches to hold the soaps….after much research and development I finally took the serious decision to make ImuGifts a real business. It’s been a year and the idea of just making quality handmade soaps has taken on a whole new shape.

I have to admit I have had times of desperation, discouragement, excitement and fear. It’s been a real roller coaster of emotions and luckily the love of my life and partner in crime Michael, (AKA as Mickey Squeeze from the band Midnight Mob) has been the single most supportive individual through this whole crazy process. He has also known what it is to strive for something that seems nearly impossible as he and his band have been in the Original Music scene for nearly five years. During my lowest points of frustration he has told me “If you give up now, you will never know what you are capable of. You can’t give up without having tried first.”

And so, here I am making my first attempt at blogging and taking the first real steps to taking on this new adventure in the Handmade world. Today marks a new chapter in the history of ImuGifts.

Stay tuned for more of my adventure and many other insights; including DIY tips, Imu’s adventures and much more!

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