Craft Fairs, Holiday Prep, and Custom Projects…Ohh My

Hey guys!!
Welcome back! This is the second edition of ImuGifts Official Newsletter and I’m very pleased to bring up some new updates, including what went down at the Wreckerly Park Fair, what’s cookin’ with ImuGifts and Custom Projects.
The Wreckerly Park Craft Fair as mentioned in my prior post was my first Fair ever! And it was quite an interesting day to say the least lol. It was a very nerve wracking and there seemed to be a million obstacles that day from super high winds and a cold day to sneaky competitors luring customers away with mini cupcakes. Yes you read right there was a customer thief! Lol…but no matter, it turned out to be a great first fair, lots of people came out to support and give me some love. It was awesome. I learned a lot and I’m ready for my next! Which, btw is actually already scheduled! Catch me at the Riverhead Charter School Winter Craft Fair on December 5th, and don’t forget to bring a Non-Perishable item for the Food Drive.
On other news, I have been hard at work on opening our Etsy Shop. I had started with it a while ago, but just couldn’t really get the hang of it and now I am giving it another shot and hopefully it will be up and running by Thanksgiving. Also in the works are new products made especially for the Holiday Season, new Jewelry, Clutches and some special home decor. So stay tuned on social media to get up to date information on ImuGifts’ Etsy Shop and other special things I have set for this Holiday Season.

Also, as a reminder, just because it’s not posted on doesn’t mean I can’t work with you to make something fabulous! Let me know if there is something you are interested in that I can custom make for you. I’ll be happy to set up a consultation with you either in person or via Skype and work with you to make a one of a kind gift.
Thank you again for staying up to date with ImuGifts and following me on this journey!

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

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